October 24, 2018

Sharma lab makes a splash at BMES 2018!

The Biomedical Engineering Society celebrated it’s 50th anniversary at the annual meeting this year in Atlanta, Georgia. Ten Sharma Lab members traveled to Atlanta to participate in the conference. Together, the Sharma Lab delivered three podium presentations and three poster presentations, gathered for a lab dinner, and explored Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium. 


Presentations included:

Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles Protect Cytokine-Challenged Cartilage From Oxidative Stress   S. Kumar, I. Adjei, S. Brown, O. Liseth, B. Sharma. 

Functional Recovery Of NK Cell Activity By Nanoparticle-mediated Delivery Of TGFBR siRNA   I. Adjei, J. Jordan, N. Tu, T. Trinh, S. Wei, B. Sharma. 

Tuning Nanoscale Vehicles for Localization to Cartilage Through Active and Passive Targeting Strategies   S. Brown, L. Wang, B. Sharma. 

Engineered 3D Tumor Models to Study Natural Killer Cell Suppression   M. Temples, I. Adjei, J. Djeu, B. Sharma. 

Understanding the Relationship Between Force and ACL Rupture During Non-Invasive Knee Injury   J. Hornyak, S. Brown, B. Sharma.

Effects of fibroblast donor variability on in vitro vasculogenesis   L. Liseth, J. Mejias, M. Nelson, A. Krishnan, A. Karius, K. Roy.