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The J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering graduate program is defined by our diverse, dynamic, and engaged student body. Students admitted to our programs become part of this growing family and serve as ambassadors to this department, college, university, and discipline.

We seek to evaluate students in a holistic manner, taking into account not just a student’s academic background, but also their life experience and engagement outside of the classroom. Please review instructions below that provide information as to how you can best convey all of your experiences.


Fall Admission

  • PHD Applications: December 5th
    • All application material, including letters of recommendations must be received by the Academic Office on or before this deadline
  • MS Applications: January 31st
    • All application material, including letters of recommendations must be received by the Academic Office on or before this deadline.

Spring and Summer admissions are restricted to current UF students transferring from BS to MS or MS to PhD. Students that do not meet this criteria should not apply to the program without explicit permission from the BME Graduate Program Office. Students seeking an eligibility review for admission to our program during these off-semesters should contact and explicitly outline this request, as well as their reasoning for seeking an off-cycle admission.

Interested in a Medical Physics Degree: The BME department no longer has a Medical Physics Concentration, as it has fully transferred to the College of Medicine. Students interested in this program should go to the College of Medicine’s website for more information and apply via their program.

Application Requirements:

  • Electronic Submission of Application
  • Self Reported Grade Point Average (All applicants should enter their best estimate)
  • Test Scores (Use Institution Code 5812)
    • Standard GRE scores for domestic applicants
    • Standard GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants
  • Resume
  • Area of Study form
  • Academic Transcripts
    • International applications should upload a photo copy of their transcripts in both the Native Language and English Translation
  • Degree Certificates (International Applicants Only)
    • Certificates should be uploaded in the Native Language and English Tranlation
  • Personalized Statement of Purpose
  • 3 Letters of Recommendations
  • Pay Application Fee

For specific details about how to complete the application, check out our application process page. Note, due to the high volume of applications, we are asking applicants to not/email asking about the status of their application. Our Academic Team will release decisions as soon as they are available.

Non Biomedical Engineering Applicant Preqrequiste Requirements:

We do not require PhD applicants to first earn an MS prior to admission.  Applicants who do not have a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering must meet the following minimum requirements for admission to both our MS or PhD programs:

  • B.S. in Engineering, Science, Physics, or Math
  • Pre-Professional Courses: Students must demonstrate competence in each of the following areas or their equivalents (semester-based given):
    • 3 Courses of Calculus
    • 1 Course of Differential Equations
    • 2 Courses of Physics with Calculus
    • 1 Course of General Chemistry
    • 3 courses in Biochemistry, Biology and/or Chemisty
    • 1 Course in Technical Communications.
    • 1 Course covering one programming language (Java, MatLab, C, C++, etc.)
    • Engineering Courses:  Students must have taken at least one course from three of the following six areas:
      • Statics or Dynamics
      • Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, or Fluid Flow
      • Electrical Circuits, Electronics, or Signal Processing
      • Engineering Materials 
      • Engineering Economy or Management
      • Engineering Mathematics or Statistics

Students that do not meet the above criteria should specify their plans to complete these requirements prior to admission or outline how other non-diadactic experiences could substitute for these requirements. Students who do not meet admission requirements may be conditionally admitted, whereby they would be required to complete this required coursework during their first year of study. Courses taken to meet these requirements would not count towards their graduate degree.


Click HERE for specific instructions on applying to our program.


How do I find or get matched to an Advisor?

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Confused by the application process or about next steps? Click here for common questions.


The UF Graduate School’s Office of Admissions processes all MS and PhD applications. They compile all application materials and upload them to the electronic application review database. The BME department reviews this database and assigns applications to a faculty members of the Graduate Program Committee. Assignments are based on the research area and interests of the applicant to ensure a robust and appropriate review by a faculty member within that research field. Reviews focus on the applicant’s academic qualifications (e.g. GRE, GPA, coursework), research experience, letters of recommendation, and research fit within the department. For PhD applications, to ensure optimal matching of the student to doctoral advisors, the capacity of current faculty to accept new students within the student’s desired research area(s) is also taken into consideration.

Faculty member’s recommendations are then compiled and reviewed by the Chair of the Graduate Program. Final decisions are approved by the UF Graduate School prior to notification of the student.  If accepted to the program, students should expect to receive an Admissions Letter via email. Final decisions are typically made no later than April 15th. Denied admissions will be updated on the application status website (see above). Note that we cannot provide personalized information regarding why an application was denied.

Selected PhD applicants admitted to the program who reside within the US may be invited to visit Gainesville to get to know the department, faculty, and University. These students will be contacted in January via email.


We understand that all graduate student applicants have concerns regarding the cost of completing the program. Outlined below are potential funding opportunities such as supplemental fellowships, assistantships, or scholarships. Support is highly dependent upon the degree program and the needs of the faculty at the time of admission. For information on cost of living in Gainesville, please see HERE.

Masters Program

Financial support is limited for students admitted to the Masters of Engineering and Master of Science program. The department offers the Achievement Award Scholarship, Latin American Carribean and the Glenn and Deborah Renwick Engineering (FL resident) (FL non-resident) scholarships that are used to off-set tuition costs for selected exceptional applicants. MS applicants do not need to formally apply to be considered for this scholarship. For selected cases, a faculty member may elect to financially support a Masters-level student for a Graduate Assistantship, which can provide a stipend and tuition support. These are coordinated by the individual faculty member and are not facilitated by the graduate program or admissions committee.

Cost estimates for the MS program can be found HERE.

Doctoral Program

All applicants to our PhD program are automatically considered for financial support when their applications are reviewed; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue external funding opportunities, as we offer strong incentive packages for outstanding PhD students with external support (e.g. National Science Foundation Fellowships, see here for opportunities).

The majority of applicants admitted to our PhD program are offered a fellowship, a research assistantship, or a combination of the two. Fellowships are provided by the UF Graduate School and distributed at the departmental level. Again, students do not need to apply to be considered for these UF Fellowships. Graduate Research Assistantship are typically offered for students matched directly with a Doctoral Advisor, who will provide financial support. Fellowships and Assistantship include a stipend, a tuition waiver (to the student), and health insurance. Additional details on UF Graduate Fellowships can be found HERE. Current Graduate Assistant stipend levels are at $25,000 per year (plus tuition and health insurance support).