2015 BMES Annual Meeting

The most attended BMES Annual Meeting in history!

Thousands of the world’s top researchers flocked to Tampa for the 2015 BMES Annual Meeting. Several faculty were involved as track, platform session and poster chairs, as well as serving as abstract reviewers (details below). In addition, our Department Chair serves on the BMES Board of Directors. UF BME had 18 oral presentations and 55 poster presentations between the faculty, post-docs and students. See the full listing: page 1 | page 2

UF BME hosted one of the larger booths in the exhibit hall and had lots of visitors. There was a great turnout of undergraduate students looking for information on grad school programs and our student ambassadors did a great job answering questions and providing a student’s perspective. Thank you to everyone who came by and helped out at the booth!

The UF BME department also hosted a reception at the Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina. Alumni, students, faculty, affiliates, industry partners and supportors stopped by for light appetizers, drinks and great conversation. Entertainment was provided by Scott Peeples Music for a blend of classical theory and soulful grooves. We hope everyone had a great time!

Be sure to check out all of the photos on our Flickr page here: BMES 2015.

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Faculty roles in 2015

Kyle Allen

  • BMES Membership Committee Member
  • Platform session chair: Biomaterials for Controlling Cell Environment III
  • Platform session chair: Biomechanics, Injury I – Gait and Motion
  • Platform session chair: Articular Cartilage and Joint
Ayse Gunduz
  • Platform session chair: Neural Coding and Modeling
Greg Hudalla
  • Platform session chair: Biomaterials for Immunoengineering II 
Ben Keselowsky
  • Platform session chair: Inflammation and Immunomodulation in Tissue Engineering I
Peter McFetridge
  • Platform session chair: Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering II
Kevin Otto
  • Platform session chair: Neural Interfaces: Compatibility, Recording, and Stimulation IV/CNS Injury: SCI, Stroke, TBI and Concussion III
Parisa Rashidi
  • BMES Innovation and Career Development Award
Carlos Rinaldi
  • Platform session chair: Cancer Cell Mechanics and Engineering Theranostics and Nanoparticles I
Christine Schmidt
  • Chair, BMES National Meetings Committee
  • BMES Fellows Selection Committee member
  • Invited Talk, “Engineering Advanced Materials for Nerve Regeneration”, 2015 US-Korea Joint Workshop in BME
Blanka Sharma
  • Abstract Reviewer: Tissue Engineering and Awards
Hans van Oostrom
  • Track Chair: Undergraduate Research, Design and Leadership
  • Session Chair: Undergraduate Research, Design and Leadership I