October 10, 2016

Join the Stabler lab at BMES!

The Stabler lab will be presented some of their research at the 2016 BMES National Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Plus, UF BME will have a great booth for relaxing and learning more about our department, so feel free to stop by!

Stabler Presentations:

Nicolas Abuid will be presenting a talk entitled “Engineering Antioxidant Nanoscale Layer-by-Layer Coatings for Islet Transplantation” at 9:15pm on Saturday

Maria Coronel will be presenting a talk entitled “In Situ Oxygen Generation within Immunoisolating Device Improves Efficacy in Diabetic Rodent Model” at 4:30pm on Saturday

and our collaborator, Dr Buchwald will be presenting a talk entitled “Effect of Capsule Size, Material, and Geometry on the Insulin Release Profi le of Encapsulated Islets” at 4pm on Saturday