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Mark your calendars from April 15th – 19th for the International Society of Nephrology World Congress of Nephrology 2021 (WCN’21)! Since its foundation in 1960, the International Society of Nephrology has encouraged global networking, building partnerships within the nephrology community and organizations with aligned missions to combat non-communicable diseases.  

The congress is going virtual for the first time this year, opening its accessibility to thousands of participants including the world’s leading experts in kidney care. WCN’21 will provide a unique platform for top-notch educational experiences, opportunities for scientific discovery, networking, and professional development. 

Among the kidney experts attending WCN’21 is i-Heal’s lab director, Dr. Parisa Rashidi. She will speak about crucial issues regarding ethics in artificial intelligence (AI) alongside Dr. Azra Bihorac from our partner lab, PRISMAp, and Dr. Yoshua Bengio from Quebec AI Institute.  
Their discussion titled “How to achieve equitable, inclusive, and ethical AI development and implementation” will take place during two sessions:  
Saturday, April 17th from 4:00 – 5:00 A.M. EST  
Monday, April 19th from 2:00 – 3:00 P.M. EST 

Promotional Flyer with I-S-N logo and title saying: "How to achieve equitable, inclusive and ethical AI development and implementation". The image shows photos of Dr. Bihorac and Dr. Rashidi with graphic outlines of 3 kidneys in the background.

Image text reads:
Dr. Bihorac and Dr. Rashidi, leaders in AI research at the University of Florida, will join Yoshua Bengio from Quebec AI Institute to discuss issues surrounding responsible innovation in digital health and artificial intelligence.

Learn about:
New digital innovations to provide better health care.
Conditions required for digital innovations and AI to offer positive and socially acceptable changes for health care.
How to implement digital environments to impact health.

Saturday, April 17th 4:00-5:00am EST
Monday, April 19th 2:00-3:00pm EST

Join us:

You can register to attend WCN’21 here

In her pre-congress interview, Dr. Rashidi gives us a preview of what topics her talk will include. A key component of her discussion is examining both sides of the digital health story: how AI can improve equity in healthcare, and also how AI can harm equity. 

Using AI to augment clinical decision-making in nephrology is a new and emerging field, so the direction that it will take depends on the decisions that leaders make now. Thus, we need to have discussions around ethics in this field to prevent health inequities in both the short-term and long-term future. 

Want to connect with Dr. Rashidi at the conference? You can chat with her in the WCN’21 networking rooms on the conference’s platform or reach out to her on Twitter. You can also stay up-to-date with her team’s research by following i-Heal.  

We look forward to engaging with you at WCN’21! 


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