My research interests include applying data mining and machine learning techniques to various health informatics and assisted living problems.


Postdoc Position:

I am looking for a postdoctoral research associate in the areas of natural language processing and machine learning, position starting January 5, 2015. For more information, see here.

Prospective Students:

I have Research Assistantships (RA) available. I am looking for students who (1) have a solid background in math and statistics, (2) preferably have taken a course or two in machine learning, data mining, or artificial intelligence, (3) know how to code effectively using at least one of the following programming languages: Java, C/C++, Python, C#. If you believe you have these qualifications, contact me.

Latest News:

Editor of Special Issue on “Data Mining in Pervasive Environments”:

Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal (PMC)

We solicit high quality and original unpublished papers from researchers working on data mining in pervasive environments to highlight current challenges, and to showcase the latest results. The results will demonstrate how current data mining, mobile sensing and knowledge discovery methods can be extended to mining solutions for dealing with challenging real world problems. The unique nature of sensor data in pervasive environments demands for novel data mining, mobile sensing and knowledge discovery methods that can handle large, multi-modal, heterogeneous and distributed streams of data. We hope that the results of this special issue not only can be beneficial for the pervasive computing community, but the resulting algorithms and solutions will also be adapted by researchers in various other application fields.

URL: Special Issue on Data Mining in Pervasive Environments