Semester: Fall

Therapeutic Radiological Physics I: BME 6591

Introduction to radiation therapy physics: teletherapy, brachytherapy, interstitial therapy. Production of photons and electrons for therapeutic use. Radiation measurement and dosimetry clinical applications. Radiation protection and quality assurance.

Biomedical Transport Phenomena: BME 4632

Introduces and applies the concepts of momentum, mass, and thermal energy transport in the context of problems of interest in biomedical sciences and engineering. Macroscopic and microscopic analysis of momentum, mass, and thermal energy transport problems in biomedical systems.

Biomolecular Thermodynamics and Kinetics: BME 4621

Principles of themodynamics and kinetics from a biomolecular perspective. The mathematics, analysis, and applications of classical thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, and reaction kinetics are introduced in the context of molecular interactions, binding equilibria, metabolism, and biomolecular transport common to living systems.

Biomedical Materials: BME 3101

Restoration of physiological function by engineering biomaterials for biological environment, covering principles underlyin use and design of medical impants and matrices/scaffolds. Strong emphasis on transition from engineering material to biological tissue, including molecular and cellular interactions with biomaterials, tissue and… Read More

Clinically-Inspired Engineering Design: BME 3012

Through exposure to real clinical problems, learn to communicate with medical professionals in order to identify unmet needs, to develop prototypes and initial concepts for clinical problems, and to critically evaluate potential solutions for clinical problems.

Clinical Correlations in BME: BME 6018

Biomedical engineers¬†develop practical solutions to various problems encountered in healthcare and clinical practice. Students are exposed to¬†clinical problems, learn how to identify unmet needs and will devise engineering solutions to address clinical needs. Topics related to clinical translation of biomedical… Read More

Engineering Biological Systems: BME 6938

This course introduces biological and chemical principles and approaches for the engineering of biological systems in the context of biomedical applications. Example applications include the design of new biomolecules, directing cellular pathways, and designing new therapeutics through approaches such as… Read More