Semester: Fall

Biomedical Data Science 6938

Covers the biomedical applications of data science techniques, which include pre-processing techniques, machine learning data analysis, and data visualization techniques.

Biomedical Engineering & Physiology I: BME 5401

Physiology of cells, bones, and the circulatory system from a biomaterials, biomechanics, cellular, and tissure engineering perspective. Intellectual property and technology transfer included.

Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals: BME 3060

Working specifically within the framework of biomedical engineering applications, this course provides the engineering fundamentals of the conservation laws of mass, energy, charge and momentum.

Biomedical Instrumentation: BME 4503

Covers engineering and medical bases of application, measurement and processing of signals to and from living systems. Biomedical transducers for measurements of movement, biopotentials, pressure, flow, concentrations, and temperature are discussed, as well as treatment devices such as ventilators and… Read More