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The mission of Biomedical Optics Laboratory is to discover and explore alternative biomedical imaging methods using visible/near-infrared light, microwave, x-ray, and ultrasound. We develop advanced computational methods for inverse problems, construct complex or simple imaging hardware, and perform laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical experiments. Our recent research interests include the development and optimization of diffuse optical tomography, fluorescence molecular tomography, photoacoustic tomography, microwave tomography and electromagnetic wave-induced thermoacoustic tomography for a variety of pre-clinical and clinical applications including breast cancer detection, cancer margin identification, monitoring of cancer therapy, epilepsy localization, osteoarthritis diagnosis, and noninvasive study of neuro-vascular and neuro-cellular coupling.

Current Research Projects

  • Phase-Contrast and Cellular Diffuse Optical Tomography of Breast Cancer
  • X-Ray Guided Diffuse Optical Tomography of Osteoarthritis
  • In Vivo Cellular Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
  • Microwave Imaging of Breast Cancer
  • Fluorescence Molecular Tomography of Cancer Margin Identification
  • Photoacoustic Imaging of Epilepsy
  • 3D Photoacoustic Tomography of Osteoarthritis
  • Electromagnetic Wave-Induced Thermoacosutic Tomography
  • Study of Neuro-vascular and Neuro-cellular Coupling using Diffuse Optics and Photoacoustics
  • EEG Source Localization in Epilepsy


Contact Information

Biomedical Optics Laboratory
Biomedical Sciences Building J297
PO Box 116131
Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 273-9336