Research Area: Modeling & Biomedical Data Science

Shreya Saxena, Ph.D.

Honors and Awards: Rising Stars in Electrical Engineering, 2019 Rising Stars in Biomedical Engineering, 2018 Honoree of the Graduate Women of Excellence Award, MIT, 2017 Shreya Saxena is as an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in the Department… Read More

Meghan Ferrall-Fairbanks, Ph.D.

Research Summary: Dr. Ferrall-Fairbanks’ research focuses on using quantitative biology approaches to cultivate a mechanistic understanding of tumor heterogeneity and evolution to optimize cancer treatment strategies. Ecology and evolutionary forces in cancer allows a tumor to alter its growth and… Read More

Ivana Parker, Ph.D.

Research Summary: Ivana Parker, Ph.D., is a Fulbright Scholar who recently completed a year-long study at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Her project assesses the risk of a commonly used TB vaccine, BCG, on HIV susceptibility in infants… Read More

Jennifer A. Nichols, Ph.D.

Jennifer A. Nichols, Ph.D.

Research Summary Dr. Nichols’ research broadly focuses on musculoskeletal biomechanics. Her long-term goal is to create predictive, biomechanical simulations to improve the functional ability and quality of life for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders (e.g., osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy, fracture, joint pain).… Read More

Parisa Rashidi, Ph.D.

Research Summary: Dr. Rashidi’s research aims to develop intelligent patient monitoring systems using artificial intelligence and sensing technology. Her research methodology is to develop scalable machine learning techniques to tackle challenging problems that arise in the context of intelligent patient… Read More

Mingzhou Ding, Ph.D.

Mingzhou Ding, PhD

Research Summary: Dr. Ding’s research focuses on applying engineering approaches to understand the neural basis of cognitive functions and their impairments by neurological and psychiatric disorders. Specific areas of interest include the following: 1) multimodal neuroimaging (single unit, multiunit, LFP,… Read More

Ruogu Fang, Ph.D.

Research Summary Dr. Fang’s research spans data, brain and health. She focuses on questions such as: How to evaluate brain health, via mining the big medical data? She also explores how to make medical imaging higher quality and lower risk… Read More