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February 05, 2010
Dr. Huabei Jiang (PI) and Dr. Paul Carney (Co-PI) have teamed up to develop a novel technique for non-invasive detection of epilepsy.  The grant is titled “Noninvasive Functional and Cellular Imaging of Epilepsy” and is funded by the National...
November 23, 2009
BME joint and affiliate faculty Drs. Carney, Sarntinotanont, and Mareci are promoting Neuro-Therapeutics by tracking through functional MRI how drugs distribute in the brain.Watch the video
November 05, 2009
Most biopsies following mammograms reveal benign abnormalities, not cancer. But women may not have to endure the medical costs, stress and potential complications that accompany such invasive biopsies forever. A University of Florida biomedical...
November 03, 2009
We are excited to announce that we have started to move into the new Biomedical Sciences Building.  Our department administration has moved, and you can now find us on the ground floor towards the back of the building (JG-56).  We also...
September 25, 2009
The J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering has approved and published a new policy for affilate faculty members. 
September 21, 2009
Stephen Myers, a Ph. D student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida, has invented a nifty RFID based system to help the elderly and people with bad hands dial the telephone without having to punch any keys. By swiping flashcards...
September 11, 2009
The Office of Research is providing student Chelsea Magin $300 in support for her to attend the Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference held in Long Beach, California on October 15-17, 2009. Congratulations on this unique opportunity!
September 08, 2009
The Office of Research is providing student Il Park $300 in support for him to attend the Society for Neuroscience 2009 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL on October 17-21, 2009. Congratulations on this unique opportunity!
September 04, 2009
BME Ph.D. student Babak Mahmoudi was a finalist at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine Society's student paper competition with his paper entitled "An Actor-Critic Architecture and Simulator for Goal-Directed Brain-Machine Interfaces".  The...
August 19, 2009
Pardon our dust.  We are currently working on our new website.  Most of the infomation is here, but there are a few things still missing.  The faculty directory is not yet complete, so if you see your name missing, we apologize.