Dr. Hans van Oostrom

vanoostromDr. van Oostrom is the principal investigator of the BME Physiologic Modeling Lab.  Originally trained in medical electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (TU/e), he came to the University of Florida in 1988 to finish research on his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.  He then started as an assistant professor in the Anesthesiology department where he worked very closely with clinicians on projects related to measurements and instrumentation, and the Human Patient Simulator which was invented at the University of Florida in the early 1990s.

As the BME program started in 1998 and subsequently the department in 2002, Dr. van Oostrom got involved in the academic program, initially teaching several courses, but later as the graduate coordinator, and currently as the undergraduate coordinator of the new B.S. BME program, and as associate department chair.

His research interests include modeling of human physiology for the purpose of medical education, as well as improving non-invasive and invasive measurements by utilizing patient-specific mathematical models.