August 3, 2021

New review of Cell Therapy for Type 1 diabetes published in Science!

Dr Stabler, in collaboration with Drs Todd Brusko and Holger Russ, recently published a review article in the July 30, 2021 special issue of the journal Science in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin.

The paper highlights advance in stem cell biology and graft site design, which offer innovative sources of cellular material and improved engraftment, as well as cutting-edge approaches for preventing allograft rejection and recurrent autoimmunity.

“This review highlights the dramatic and exciting advancements made in cell-based therapies for Type 1 diabetes. It also discusses how cross-collaborations with diverse and innovative clinicians, biologists, immunologists, and engineers are necessary to develop a comprehensive and functional implant,” said Stabler. “One hundred years after the discovery of insulin, I am truly excited about what the next ten years hold for Type 1 diabetes therapy.”

Check out the article here: 
Strategies for durable β cell replacement in type 1 diabetes