July 22, 2021

New published review in Acta Biomaterialia on designing materials for protecting cells from immune attack!

Magdalena Samojlik and Dr Stabler recently published their review on the unique immunological responses to beta cell implants and how biomaterials can serve to dampen these responses. The review highlights the key immune pathways activated when beta cells are implanted into a person with Type 1 diabetes, including autogenic and allogeneic responses. The paper discusses current immunotherapy, as well as emerging approaches seeking to dampen responses using localized drug delivery, permselective materials, and immunomodulatory materials. We also highlight future work and the potential of benchtop platforms to provide new insight into immune responses.

Congratulations to Magda on her 1st first author review paper!

Check out the article here: 
Designing biomaterials for the modulation of allogeneic and autoimmune responses to cellular implants in Type 1 Diabetes