December 19, 2016

New publication on surface engineering of islets for immunoprotection!

Jaime Giraldo lead our recently published study, a collaborative effort between our lab and Dr. Antonello Pileggi’s team, examining the impact of polymeric surface engineering on masking immune recognition and the complementary effects of short-course immunotherapy. Jaime found a strong immunoprotective benefit using this simple PEGylation coating, as well as a synergistic impact when paired with the delivery of an Lymphocyte Function-associated Antigen-1 blocking antibody. This optimized PEG coating is now being transitioned to stronger preclinical models in an effort to bring this approach to the clinic!

Congrats to Jaime and team!!

Check out the article here: The impact of cell surface PEGylation and short-course immunotherapy on islet graft survival in an allogeneic murine model