August 26, 2020

New publication on immune recognition of encapsulated cells published in Biomaterials!

Ying Li, along with fellow doctoral students Anthony Frei, Ethan Y Yang, and Magdalena Samojlik, MS researchers Chuqiao Sun and Yanan Rong, lab manager Irayme Labrada-Miravet, and in collaboration with Dr Bayer, recently published our findings on investigating the role of the adaptive arm of the immune system in the recognition and attack of encapsulated cells. This manuscript, published in the journal Biomaterials, illustrates adaptive cytotoxic T cell activation in response to encapsulated cells via indirect antigen recognition and the impact of this activation on encapsulated cell viability and function. These findings outline that immune responses can play a critical role in harming cells, even when they are fully encased in a biomaterial. This also establishes an in vitro platform for screening and testing new immunomodulatory materials

Congrats to Ying and all of her collaborators!

Check out the article here: 
In vitro platform establishes antigen-specific CD8+ T cell cytotoxicity to encapsulated cells via indirect antigen recognition