June 7, 2021

New publication in Advanced NanoBiomed Research on engineering multi-enzymatic coatings for antioxidant protection!

Nicholas Abuid, in collaboration with Dr Gattas-Asfura and undergraduate students Katerina Zientek, Cristina Isusi Silgo, Jose Torres, as well as Dr Kevin Otto and his student Morgan Urdaneta, recently published our findings on modulating the antioxidant properties of cerium oxide nanoparticles via alteration of their pH and the molecular weight of their complementary polymer alginate, which is used to form coatings. By manipulation of these parameters, resulting coatings exhibit alterations in CONP loading, activity, and overall antioxidant protection. The next phase of this work will be to explore these coatings in vitro to examine their impacts of foreign body responses and cellular protection.

Congrats to Nicholas and his collaborators!

Check out the article here: 
Engineering the Multi-enzymatic Activity of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle Coatings for the Antioxidant Protection of Implants