March 23, 2017

New publication exploring the impact of oxygen generating material on islet survival and function!

Maria Coronel, along with Ryan Geusz (undergraduate student), recently published their findings on the impact of our patented oxygen generating biomaterial, OxySite, on mitigating stress and damage in pancreatic islets under low oxygen tension (hypoxia). This manuscript, published in the journal Biomaterials, provides guidance as to the detrimental impact of low oxygenation, a common problem in islet culture and transplantation, on islet health. It also demonstrated the capacity of OxySite to minimize these effects by serving as an in situ oxygen generator. Further, this simple biomaterial approach resulted in a significant benefits to transplant outcomes, with OxySite-treated islets stabilizing blood glucose in preclinical models. 

Congrats to Maria and Ryan!

Check out the article here: Mitigating hypoxic stress on pancreatic islets via in situ oxygen generating biomaterial