May 7, 2020

Jessica Graduates!

Jessica Hornyak, a long time member of the Sharma lab, successfully completed her bachelors degree and graduated in Spring 2020.

During her time in the Sharma lab, Jessica worked with Dr. Shannon Brown on the further development of a Non-Invasive Knee Injury (NIKI) device. She assisted Dr. Brown in modifying the device to develop a model suitable for osteoarthritis caused by a traumatic ACL injury. Jessica also investigated the effects of a mechanical injury on cartilage explants. In recounting her time in the lab, Jessica shared that “My very first day in the lab Dr. Shannon Brown (then PhD mentor) had me shave the legs of about 20 cadaver rats and I was so confused what research was going to be like.” We are so thankful that you stuck it out after that first day!

While at the University of Florida, Jessica had no shortage of involvement and achievement. She graduates cum laude with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and extensive research experience. She was also awarded the University Scholar award in 2018 to support her research. In 2019 Jessica was also named an Innovation Fellow and had the opportunity to develop a project with a multidisciplinary team that was to be presented to the universities West Coast Advisory Board (due to Covid-19 that presentation has been postponed). She also completed in the University of Connecticut E-REU program in 2019.

Following graduation, Jessica will be starting a position as a Clinical Cardiac Specialist for Abbott Labs. She was an incredible addition to the lab and we will miss her! However, we know that she will be successful in this new venture and can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Good luck and Congratulations Jessica!