September 13, 2019: Schmidt Lab Field Day

Schmidt Lab members teamed up to compete for top team in an exciting Field Day. Split into 6 teams made up of either a grad student or post-doc leader and 2 undergrads, those who participated fought hard. The events included the typical water balloon toss, dizzying spinning baseball, egg race, sack race, and culminating with the quintessential tug-o-war and four-legged race. Once the dust settled, only one team came out on top. In our first Field Day, Team Beat Mary took home first place prize. Then came TEENI Tigers and Team Hawaiians tied for 2nd and 3rd places. 3D Bioprinters came in 4th, Team Fam Jam came in 5th, and last (but not least) The Mark Cubans placed 6th.

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