Spring UG Presentations & Farewell to Graduating Seniors

April 21, 2022

In typical tradition, we enjoyed our Spring 2022 end-of-the-semester UG presentations (in person!). As usual, terrific job by our UG researchers. Always our favorite part of the semester!

UG Presenters:

  • Ashley Evering (BME)​, “Exploring the mechanical properties of polyethylene glycol and glycidyl methacrylate hyaluronic acid in developing in vitro spinal cord injury testbeds”; Mentor: Eleana Manousiouthakis
  • Sarah Danis (MSE)​, “Printability study of conductive hyaluronic acid and carbon nanotube composite hydrogels”; Mentor: Eleana​ Manousiouthakis​
  • Emily Pallack (Microbiology & Cell Sciences)​, “Differential expression of transcripts in spinal cord injury following oxygen therapy for development of biomimetic hydrogel construct”; Mentor: Eleana​ Manousiouthakis​
  • Steven Robles Blasini (BME)​, “Modulating hydrogel scaffolding materials for an in-vitro muscle-on-a-chip model”; Mentor: Jorge Mojica​ Santiago
  • Shruti Kolli (Public Health)​, “Characterizing electrical properties of a skeletal muscle microphysiological system to assess contractile differences in adult cells”; Mentor: Jorge Mojica​ Santiago
  • Bret Ellenbogen​ (Chemistry), “Evaluating Gene Expression of Protein Classes After Peripheral Nerve Injury”; Mentor: Mary Kasper​
  • Yuan (Kevin)​ Li (BME), “In-vitro Screening of Various Tissue Engineering Approaches to Achieve Better Neural Regeneration Outcomes”; Mentor: Mary Kasper​
  • Abdullah Afridi (Chemistry)​, “Physical and Biochemical Characterization of GMHA-Fibrinogen Conjugates”; Mentor: Mary Kasper​

And, kudos to our graduating seniors!!

Ashley Evering ➔ Edwards LifeSciences in San Diego

Sarah Danis​ ➔ Bioprinting startup company in Israel

Bret Ellenbogen ➔ Data Science Master’s Program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

Yuan (Kevin)​ Li ➔ BME PhD program at University North Carolina Chapel Hill and NC State University

Abdullah Afridi​ ➔ Gap year as medical assistant in vascular surgery in Daytona Beach, then medical school

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