Congrats on Latest Papers from the Lab

November 1, 2021










Congratulations to Schmidt Lab Graduate Student, Mary Kasper, on the publication of her first 1st-authored publication, in Biomaterials:
“Development of a magnetically- aligned regenerative tissue-engineered-electronic-nerve-interface for peripheral nerve applications”
Kasper, M., B. Ellenbogen, R. Hardy, M. Cydis, J. Mojica-Santiago, A. Afridi, B.S. Spearman, I. Singh, C.A. Kuliasha, E. Atkinson, K. Otto, J.W. Judy, C. Rinaldi, C.E. Schmidt

A second paper, has also made it into “print”, in Annals of Biomedical Engineering:
“Effects of varied stimulation parameters on adipose-derived stem cell response to low-level electrical fields”
Hlavac, N., D. Bousalis, R.N. Ahmad, E. Pallack, A. Vela, Y. Li, S. Mobini, E. Patrick, C.E. Schmidt

And, another article was recently accepted for publication in J. Biomedical Materials Research: Part A:
“Decellularized Peripheral Nerve as an Injectable Delivery Vehicle for Neural Applications”
Bousalis, D., M.W. McCrary, N. Vaughn, N. Hlavac, A. Evering, S. Kolli, Y.H. Song, C. Morley, T. Angelini, C.E. Schmidt

Kudos to all our postdocs, graduate students and UG students, current and past, on these exceptional contributions to the field!

Visit our publications link [] for a current list of all the great papers from the lab!

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