Welcome Bassam and Allison!

August 16, 2021

We are pleased to welcome our newest BME PhD students, Allison Campbell and Bassam Smadi, to the Schmidt Lab and the UF BME Family. Allison will work on injectable spinal cord injury (SCI) therapies in collaboration with Drs. Ben Keselowsky (BME), Greg Hudalla (BME), and Prodip Bose (VA). Bassam will work on tissue engineered electronic nerve interfaces in collaboration with Drs. Jack Judy (ECE), Kevin Otto (BME), and Carlos Rinaldi (ChE/BME).

Allison completed her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas. While at KU, Allison participated in undergraduate research in both the engineering department (Dr. Steven Gehrke) and the pharmacology department (Dr. Jai Subramanian). She spent a summer abroad in Ireland for a Pharmaceutical Engineering internship. Allison was also an active member of Theta Tau, a professional co-ed engineering fraternity.





Bassam completed his BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. He worked as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Stuart Cogan’s research group focusing on electrochemistry, cortical stimulation, and recording. During his college career, he also competed in gymnastics on a national level. Before transitioning to Ph.D., Bassam was a master’s student in Dr. Lakiesha Williams’s lab, where he was developing a nerve graft using 3D printing under a joint-collaboration project with Axogen Inc. He also headed a novel design and fabrication of the Dura Mater Pressure Testing Apparatus.





We look forward to having both Bassam and Allison as part of the team!

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