Schmidt Lab Alum receives NIH K99/R00 Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Nagao, former Schmidt Lab PhD graduate, on his recent notification of receiving a highly competitive NIH K99/R00 Award from the National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) for his research on modeling vascular dysfunction in kidney disease. His proposed project is described below.

“A multifaceted approach to modeling vascular dysfunction in kidney diseaseā€

Recent evidence has emerged that identifies renal vascular disease as a precursor to acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. The purpose of this proposal is to develop a framework for studying renal vascular disease by accurately reconstructing the renal microvascular niche in a microphysiological system that allows for the systematic study of the factors that contribute to vascular dysfunction. We anticipate that new findings will lead to the identification of novel therapies to renal vascular disease.

Congrats Ryan!

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