Three new publications

Congrats to the team on having three research manuscripts accepted for publication! In particular, congratulations to Becky – her first from our lab, Nik and Zin – Nik’s first from our lab, and John and Richelle! Many of our undergraduate students contributed as well, in addition to Stacy (her first publication from our lab too!). These articles should appear in print soon. Links to abstracts are provided below:

Wachs R.A., E.N. Hoogenboezem, H.I. Huda, S. Xin, S. Schmidt C.E. Porvasnik (in press). Creation of an injectable in situ gelling tissue-specific matrix for nucleus pulposus tissue 1 engineering. The Spine Journal.

Khaing, Z.; N. Agrawal, J. Park, S. Xin, Shangjing, G. Plumton, K. Lee, Y-J Huang, A. Niemerski, C.E. Schmidt, J. Grau (in press). Localized and Sustained Release of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor from Injectable Hydrogel/Microparticle Composites Fosters Spinal Learning after Spinal Cord Injury. Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Thomas, R., J.G. Hardy, P.E. Chung, S.P. Modi, C.E. Schmidt (in press). Sacrificial Crystal Templating of Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels. European Polymer Journal.

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