AxoGen Featured at UF Innovation Showcase: Invention to Patient

Dr. Schmidt presented in a panel at the UF Innovation Showcase as one of the inventors of technology that led to the development of AxoGen’s Avance Nerve Graft. Dr. David Muir of UF is one of the other technology inventors, but was ill and unable to attend the panel. Also on the panel were Karen Zaderej, CEO of AxoGen and Shirley Pincus, a patient who has received three of the Avance nerve grafts. Read and hear more about Shirley’s amazing story of recovery from long-term nerve effects from polio and how the Avance graft helped her regain a pain-free life:

Karen Zaderej, Shirley Pincus, Dr. Christine Schmidt

From left to right: Karen Zaderej, CEO of AxoGen, Shirley Pincus, Avance graft recipient, and Dr. Christine Schmidt, UF BME Chair and inventor of decellularization technology licensed for the Avance graft.

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