Welcome Dr. Becky Wachs

Dr. Becky WachsWe are excited to welcome Dr. Becky Wachs who will join the Schmidt Lab as a Post Doctoral Associate. Becky’s research interests include: orthopaedic degenerative diseases and neuropathic pain, early stage diagnostics of disease states, and natural materials for tissue engineering. Becky Wachs received her Bachelor of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Mechanical Engineering. In 2013, she received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her thesis research investigated the role spinal muscles play in intervertebral disc degeneration. While at RPI, she was a finalist for the Lemelson-MIT Collegiate Prize for innovation, and she was awarded the AAUW Dissertation Fellowship. For the past year, Becky has been working at RTI Surgical, Inc. developing and characterizing novel soft tissue biologics for regenerative medicine. Becky is excited to join the Schmidt lab and is very interested in pursuing research surrounding differential nerve growth in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Welcome Becky!

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