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Parisa Rashidi, Diane J Cook
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST), 4(4), 64
Publication year: 2013

The increasing aging population in the coming decades will result in many complications for society and in particular for the healthcare system due to the shortage of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. To remedy this problem, researchers have pursued developing remote monitoring systems and assisted living technologies by utilizing recent advances in sensor and networking technology, as well as in the data mining and machine learning fields. In this article, we report on our fully automated approach for discovering and monitoring patterns of daily activities. Discovering and tracking patterns of daily activities can provide unprecedented opportunities for health monitoring and assisted living applications, especially for older adults and individuals with mental disabilities. Previous approaches usually rely on preselected activities or labeled data to track and monitor daily activities. In this article, we present a fully automated approach by discovering natural activity patterns and their variations in real-life data. We will show how our activity discovery component can be integrated with an activity recognition component to track and monitor various daily activity patterns. We also provide an activity visualization component to allow caregivers to visually observe and examine the activity patterns using a user-friendly interface. We validate our algorithms using real-life data obtained from two apartments during a three-month period.

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