Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a team?

You just fill out the application here and follow the steps outlined in the automated email response!

How much of a time commitemnt is GRiP for members?

It depends on the project they are working on. If they are on a team making a device for a recipient, there are deadlines which have to be met so the device can be delivered on time. If they are working on a research or independent design project, deadlines are a bit more flexible. The average time commitment is one to two hours per week, and axpectations are stated prior to joining a team.

How much do your devices cost?

While the production costs of our devices vary widely, many of them are delivered for free to recipients. However some of our devices, such as those with costly electrical components, do have a cost associated with them. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding cost!

What is involved in requesting a device?

Depending on the device being made, we may ask you to submit measurement photos or videos, as well as a description of how you would like the device to function. We treat this data as medical information, and all individuals who will have access to it have been HIPAA trained.

Where is GRiP located?

We are a student organization at the University of Florida, though we work with people all around the United States and world!

Where do you get your operational funds from?

We are funded primarily through departments at UF, since the devices we produce are created as a biproduct of student education and hands-on experience. We also recieve donations and sponsorships through companies and independent donors. If you are interested in contributing to our organization, check ¬†out our “Donate” tab above!