Tech Licensing

Technology Licensing Opportunities

The University of Florida generates more than 300 new discoveries every year that need commercial partners to get them from the lab to the market. You may access this information by visiting the UF Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) webpage at

On the OTL webpage, you may browse through these technologies by category or search using key words or phrases. Each individual technology page includes a detailed description of the invention, contact information for the licensing officer managing that technology, and other available information. You can download a PDF to print, or share the technology electronically on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Only a fraction of technologies available are on the website, so be sure to contact the Assistant Director who specializes in your area of interest for information about other technologies that may fit your needs. For updates when new technologies are posted, follow OTL on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to email alerts.

A few samples from BME:

Cell-based Arrays for Screening Combination Drug Efficacy for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Magnetic Nanoparticles

Detecting X-Ray System Misalignments

Biomedical Ortho Implants

Biocompatible Polymer Coating

Nanorod Coatings for Implant Devices

Polymers Targeting Tumors

Diabetes Drug Delivery System