Graduating with Honors

 For Magna or Summa Cum Laude Honors:

Students should first review the Engineering Honors GPA requirements and the College of Engineering Honors Policy.

1.   Print a copy of the BME Honors Thesis Guidelines and read through this document thoroughly. The guidelines contains specific information about departmental deadlines, recommendations for formatting your written thesis and tips for defending your research.

2.   Appoint a Supervisory Committee and submit the Appointment of Supervisory Committee Form to the BME Academic Office (BMS JG-55) by the end of the second week of class during your graduating term. All three committee members must PRINT AND SIGN their names on the form.

  • The committee must consist of a total of three members, two of which must be BME faculty, including the Chair and the third is an external member. The third external member may be an affiliate BME faculty member from another department but may not be a primary BME faculty member.

3.   Complete the thesis, schedule a final oral exam with your committee, and submit the signed Final Oral Examination Form and Honors Thesis Submission Form to the BME Academic Office (BMS JG-55) at least one week prior to classes ending.

4.   Submit an electronic copy of your thesis to by the last day of class.

5.   Complete the online form at to submit an electronic copy of your thesis and any additional (optional) forms by the stated deadline on the UF Library's website. Instructions and deadlines for completing the online form and additional information can be found online at

6.   Check that you have followed all the procedures outlined in the College of Engineering Honors Policy.