The Application Process

Undergraduate students applying for an LA opportunity must fill out a BME LA application form to be matched to a BME LA-ready course. To make the matching process as efficient and fruitful as possible, applicants will choose three BME LA-ready courses that interest them describe how they see supporting the course with an LA could improve classroom dynamics and student outcomes. Applicants will do this by writing a brief Opportunity for Innovation/Improvement Statement (OIS). Opportunity Statements are the industry standard to identify a problem and pitch a solution. The provided template (text entry fields in the application form) and this short OIS guide will help the applicants focus their thoughts on what is essential and facilitate the matching process.

The LA application form must be filled out and submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the semester, August 9th, 2021. Follow-up interviews will then be scheduled with potential candidates, and selected LAs will be informed of their assignment as soon as possible. A preview of the application form is provided at the end of the BME LA handbook. Please note that the application form requires a desktop device.

The instructors of courses that received the most LA requests will be notified of the availability of qualified LA(s) that could potentially facilitate classroom dynamics. When matched to one of their three course choices, LAs and instructors of a given BME course will receive an email with further instructions. Assigning LAs to their first course choice is not guaranteed, but we will do our best.