Student Travel


Any student going on University Travel (conferences, invited lectured, seminars, etc.) must complete a BME Travel Request Form ( at least two weeks prior to travel.

Prior to Travel:

1)     Students should email at least five weeks prior to travel advising the Graduate Academic Office that he/she intends to travel.

Students should include their name, Title of Conference he/she is traveling to, type of presentation he/she is completing, expected travel dates, and any questions he/she may have.

2)     Complete BME Travel Request Form ( at least two weeks prior to travel

3)     Provide the following to fiscal staff in BMS JG-56:

  • Printed conference itinerary
  • Printed flight itinerary (if applicable)
  • Proof of any funding coming from another source other then your faculty advisor (Ex: Approval of matching funds, Letter from Office of Research awarding travel funds)

International Travel:

All members of the UF community who are traveling on officially sanctioned UF business outside the United States are required to register their travel on the UF International Center Website:

Please note: This registration procedure does not apply to students studying on a UF-sponsored, exchange or independent study abroad program.

By registering online, travelers will be automatically enrolled in MEDEX, an emergency travel assistance plan for persons on official university travel. Please note that MEDEX coverage is provided free of charge to all travelers on official UF international business. Each time an individual travels, he/she will need to register that trip separately and will then be enrolled in MEDEX for the duration of that trip. After registration, print your MEDEX card, which should be carried at all times while traveling. Graduate student groups (such as mission trips) must register their travel individually - not as a group.

Upon Return from Travel:

1)     Complete then print the Travel Expense Reimbursement Request (

2)     Attach original receipts to the Travel Expense Reimbursement Request and submit to fiscal staff in BMS JG-56

                  ***Reimbursements will not be processed after 30 days from the date of return from travel.

An email will be sent to your Ufl email once the reimbursement has been processed. The funds will be direct deposited if you are on UF payroll, otherwise a check will be mailed to your current local address.


Biomedical Engineering graduate students are encouraged to travel to conferences, symposia and special research opportunities. Support for such travel ordinarily must be provided by the student’s advisor. Additionally, students may apply for support through travel awards made by the UF Office of Research or by the Graduate Student Council Travel Grant. More information on applying for graduate student travel support can be found here: Only the UF Office of Research requires matching funds, which ordinarily must be provided by the student’s advisor.

In an effort to support student travel to conferences and symposia, the department may be able to match funds provided through university travel awards. To be eligible, they must be BME Ph.D. students in good standing. Support will be provided for students attending a conference or symposium to present original research conducted under the supervision of BME faculty, at a meeting that is clearly recognizable as related to Biomedical Engineering. Examples of such meetings include the BMES and EMBS annual meetings. Support for attendance to other meetings related to Biomedical Engineering will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students are eligible for departmental matching funds once per 12 month period. The process of applying for departmental matching funds is different for each source of support and requires that you apply at least one month in advance. Securing a travel award from the UF Office of Research or from the Graduate Student Council does not guarantee that departmental funds will be provided to match the award. The student’s advisor is ultimately responsible for supporting a student’s travel to present their research.

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Grant:

1)     Print SAR Approval email and submit to the BME Graduate Student Advising Office

UF Office of Research Travel Funds:

1)     Bring completed Office of Research Travel Application to the BME Graduate Student Advising Office

  • Include meeting acceptance letter/email
  • Faculty advisor signature must be on last page

2)     An email will be sent to the student when the letter of matching funds and the travel application with the Department Chair’s signature is ready for pickup.  Student will be responsible for obtaining a signature from the College of Engineering Dean’s Office.


Travel Award Policy:

1) Students may receive one DepartmentTravel Award per fiscal year. However, if a student receives an award to attend BMES or AIMBE, this award will not count towards the one Department Travel Award given per fiscal year.

2) Students who are awarded Department Travel Awards for both BMES and AIMBE will no longer be eligible to receive additional Department Travel Award funds.

3) It is imperatvie that students undestand, they can only receive one department award per conference. [i.e. a student receives BMES travel funds and applies for GSC Travel Funds. The student would receive one department award ($350-$400) to match the Funds award by GSC. Students will not receive the department award, plus additional department matching funds and the GSC award].