Combination Degree Programs

A combination degree program, sometimes referred to as a combined degree program, is one where the University of Florida awards more than one degree from an overlapping course of study. Combination degrees often allow a shorter time for completion due to the sharing of some coursework between the degree programs (these result in double-counted credits). At the University of Florida, this type of program includes any combination of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.

The combination degree in BME allows qualified students to complete a bachelor’s degree in one of the engineering undergraduate majors identified below and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) in a shorter amount of time. If eligible, students can complete up to 12 credits of graduate course work that double count to fulfill program requirements for both degrees. This savings in credit permits approved students to complete the MS degree program requirements in BME within two or three semesters after completing their BS degree requirements. Currently approved undergraduate majors eligible for this combination degree program are as follows:

Please note that we are not currently accepting combination degree program forms from undergraduate students outside of the approved programs.

Students interested in learning more about the combination degree program in BME should first meet with their undergraduate major advisor(s) because undergraduate requirements vary depending on the department (if you are a BME undergraduate student, please see information below). Your undergraduate major advisor (as well as their departmental website) can provide detailed information on timing, eligibility, application requirements, and suggested courses.

If you wish to learn more information about the graduate portion of this combination degree, our website has detailed information on the MS admission process and criteriacourses offered, and MS program guidelines. If you need additional information, please schedule a meeting with our BME graduate advisor by emailing a request to

Important Notes

  • Students must complete and submit the appropriate course enrollment forms (see your individual undergraduate department for these forms) prior to official enrollment in these courses.
  • Most BME graduate level courses are departmentally controlled, so you must request enrollment by emailing We will not enroll you in these courses without the appropriate combined degree paperwork.
  • Completing and submitting paperwork to participate in the combination degree program only approves the feasibility of counting course work toward both a BS and MS degrees; it does not constitute admission to our BME MS graduate program.
  • Admission the MS degree program in BME is a separate process. Students seeking MS admission as a part of the combination program should follow the same deadlines and requirements of a standard MS application (see here for information)
  • The admission criteria for combination degree students is the same as for standard MS. Thus, admission to the BME MS program is not automatic or guaranteed for combination degree students and students should review the required admissions criteria to evaluate their eligibility.
  • No more than 12 graduate level credits completed as an undergraduate student may be transferred to the master’s degree program in BME. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Only letter-graded graduate level courses with a grade earned of B or better can count toward a master’s degree program per UF Graduate School policy (S grades do not qualify for transfer, letter grades only).
  • Students must be enrolled as a graduate student in the master’s degree program in BME for at least two semesters.

Application and Eligibility for BME Undergraduate Majors

The below requirements are for undergraduate BME majors only.

Undergraduate BME students who participate in the combination degree program may complete a maximum of 12 credits of graduate level courses. These courses are applied toward the required 15 credit Specialization Track (2017 catalog year and prior) or BME Electives (2018 catalog year and beyond) in the undergraduate major. Graduate courses may not be used to satisfy any other undergraduate degree program requirement. Students must select graduate courses (5000- and 6000-level) from according to their catalog year (see BME Technical Electives for full course descriptions, prerequisites and restrictions). Admitted students can begin the master’s degree course work when they have obtained undergraduate junior status.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 3.3 UF cumulative GPA
  • Completion of all BME critical tracking courses

Application Process

  1. Once you meet the above minimum requirements, complete the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Request Form and submit to or return to room JG56 in the Biomedical Sciences Building. You will be notified by email of your admission decision. Please note: There is no formal deadline for submitting the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Request Form because applications are accepted by our department year-round and processed monthly. However, we encourage students to follow the suggested timeline below.
  2. Apply to the UF Graduate School after admission to the combination degree program during your senior year. See admission deadlines, requirements and process.

Suggested Timeline

Term Action
Sophomore Summer Complete the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program Request Form after final grades have been posted for Spring courses
Junior Fall/Spring Begin enrolling in approved graduate courses
Senior Fall Apply to UF Graduate School