David E. Hintenlang, Ph.D.

David Hintenlang
David E. Hintenlang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Medical Physics Program Director
Primary Faculty
Real-time optimization of radiation dosimetry
1275 Center Drive, Biomedical Sciences Building JG47, Gainesville, FL 32611-6131
Office Phone: 
(352) 273-0301
Office Fax: 
(352) 273-9221
B.S., Physics, Bucknell University, 1980
M.S., Physics, Brown University, 1982
Ph.D., Physics, Brown University, 1985

Research Summary:

Dr. Hintenlang's research group focuses on developing and characterizing clinical medical physics applications of radiation imaging and dosimetry.  The lab has developed techniques to accurately quantify and minimize pediatric, CT, and mammography doses and optimization of image quality.  Research areas include image quality,  tomographic phantom design and development for radiation dosimetry, and applications of non-ionizing radiation in biomedical engineering.

Selected Publications:

D.J.  Long, C. Lee, C.J.Tien, R. Fisher, M.R. Hoerner, D.E. Hintenlang, W.E. Bolch,  Monte Carlo Simulations of Adult and Pediatric Computed Tomography Exams - Validation Studies of organ doses with physical phantoms, Medical Physics, 40, 013901, 2013.

C.J. Tien, J.F. Winslow and D.E. Hintenlang, A methodology for direct quantification of over-ranging length in helical computed tomography with real-time dosimetry, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 12, 2, 350-361, 2011.

J.F. Winslow, C.J. Tien and D.E. Hintenlang, Organ dose and inherent uncertainty in helical CT dosimetry due to quasiperiodic dose distributions, Medical Physics 38, 3177-3185, 2011.

D.E. Hyer and D.E. Hintenlang, Estimation of organ doses from kilovotage cone-beam CT imaging use during radiotherapy patient position verification, Medical Physics, 37, 9, 4620-4626, 2010.

D.E. Hyer, C.F. Serago, S. Kim, J.G. Li, D.E. Hintenlang, An organ and effective dose study of XVI and OBI cone-beam CT systems, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 11, 2, 181-197, 2010.