Biomedical Informatics

Lecture 0: Course Description pdf
Lecture 1: Introduction pdf
Lecture 2: Software Engineering Principles for Biomedical Informatics pdf
Lecture 3: Database Principles for Biomedical Informatics pdf
Lecture 4: Usability Principles in Biomedical Informatics pdf
Lecture 5: Biomedical Informatics Areas: Biomedical Imaging (Guest Lecture)
Lecture 6: Biomedical Informatics Areas: Bioinformatics pdf
Lecture 7: Biomedical Informatics Areas: Clinical and Health Informatics (Guest Lecture)
Lecture 8: Review: Exam 1 pdf
Lecture 9: Biomedical Informatics Data Standards pdf

Lecture 10: Introduction to Machine Learning pdf
Lecture 11: Basic Classification Techniques pdf

Introduction to Machine Learning

Lecture 1: Course Description pdf
Lecture 1: Introduction to Machine Learning pdf
Lecture 2:Classification pdf
Lecture 3: Supervised Methods: Support Vector Machines pdf
Lecture 4: Supervised Methods: Neural Networks pdf
Lecture 5: Supervised Methods: Ensemble Methods pdf
Lecture 6: Probabilistic Models: Probability Overview pdf
Lecture 7: Probabilistic Models: Fitting Distributions pdf
Lecture 8: Probabilistic Models: Hidden Markov Models pdf
Lecture 9: Probabilistic Models: Graphical Models pdf
Lecture 10: Feature Selection pdf
Lecture 11: Dimensionality Reduction pdf
Lecture 12: Clustering: k-means pdf
Lecture 13: Clustering: Hierarchical pdf
Lecture 14: Clustering: Density-based pdf
Lecture 15: Clustering: Validation pdf


Introduction to Java Programming

Course Website: Link
Java 101 Quick Reference Link

Lecture 1: Introduction to Programming pdf
Lecture 2: Java’s Basic Syntax pdf
Lecture 3: Java Primitives and Operators pdf
Lecture 4: If-Else pdf
Lecture 5: Switch Statement pdf
Lecture 6: Loops pdf
Lecture 7: Methods pdf
Lecture 8: Array pdf
Lecture 9: Class pdf
Lecture 10: OOP pdf
Lecture 11: IO pdf
Lecture 12: Inheritance pdf
Lecture 13: Exceptions pdf


A Short Tutorial on Machine Learning for Beginners (NIH m-Health): pdf
A Tutorial on Ambient Assisted Living (IHI 2012): pdf
A Tutorial on Smart Homes (Northwestern University): pdf