Combined Degrees

Biomedical Engineering offers a combined degree option where the BME MS degree can be completed within one extra year beyond the BS degree. Note you must meet your undergraduate program's qualifications to be eligible.

As early as junior year, complete the combined degree form. After completing the form, request approval and an appropriate signature from your undergraduate program's advising office. Once undergraduate advising approval has been obtained, please submit the combined degree form to the BME Graduate Advisor. Once the form is ultimately approved and processed, you will see the approved combined degree courses indicated at the top of your degree audit. Please note that we are not currently accepting combined degree forms from undergraduate students outside of the approved programs (see below for approved majors).

Completing and submitting the combined degree form simply approves double counting coursework; it does not constitute admission to the BME graduate program. Please follow the directions below to apply to the BME graduate program.

The requirements to be admitted to the BME graduate program are:

  • Review the requirements page to make sure you meet prerequisites. It is imperative that you have credit for BSC2010 Biology.
  • Take the GRE and send official score reports to the UF Office of Admissions
  • Submit your graduate application via the UF Office of Admissions.
  • Application deadlines are as follows: Summer/Fall admission: December 5 (PhD), December 31 (MS); Spring Admission: July 31
Approved programs are listed below. Depending on the individual program, up to 12 credits can be double counted via the combined degree option.